Herbal Consultation

To create bespoke effective herbal remedies for ailments that afflicts you, please feel free to contact Elena at Antique Apothecary to arrange a Herbal Consultation, before buying any herbal remedies. You have two choices: Free Consultation and purchase of the herbal remedies at standard prices or a paid consultation and purchase of herbal remedies at discounted prices. Please, contact us for more information.

To avoid interactions between herbal remedies and conventional drugs, please remember to mention during your free consultation any medications you may be taking. Don’t stop your existing medications without seeking your doctor’s advice.

For any questions you have, please CONTACT US

If you need support to create bespoke Holistic Herbal Remedies for your customers, please contact us. We will put our experience to your service. We will devise a taylor-made plan and pricing to suit your needs and those of your customers. For any questions you have, please CONTACT US