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Sun and Beauty
Gentle, Natural, Organic Sun Cream to keep always with you

Sun and Beauty is a 4 Season Natural Sunscreen by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY® BioSkincare BioPharmacy that offers all year-round natural sun protection. It is an essential beauty care during your holiday, which naturally will take care of your skin, without whitening effects.

Applying regularly "Sun and Beauty" Sunscreen is vital to prevent premature ageing, even in Winter!

NEWS! Discover our NEW Floral Elixirs!

Give your skin the tonic, regenerating and anti-ageing benefits of the fabulous 100% vegetable and organic floral elixirs, obtained by maceration of fresh flowers in organic vegetable oils. Our Floral Elixirs can be used on their own or with your usual skin care.

Choose your Floral Elixir:

Organic Rose Otto Floral Elixir
Organic Lavender Floral Elixir
Organic Helichrysum italicum Floral Elixir
Organic Saffron Floral Elixir

All our Natural Face Creams come with a special Spoon/Roller Massager to help you get the full benefits of their Potent Natural Active Ingredients

1. Take a small amount of your favourite face or eye cream with the flat part of roller. 2. Gently apply to the skin with the roller. 3. Slowly lift and massage the area to treat. 4. Around the eyes, use small beads to relax the skin around the eye.

Natural Products Ranges by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY BioSkincare BioPharmacy

NATURAL ORGANIC HERBAL REMEDIES High Potency Natural Organic Herbal Remedies for all the family
NATURAL ORGANIC HERBAL SKINCARE Prevent and fight against fine lines and wrinkles, with our Natural, Herbal, Age-Defying Skin Care
BESPOKE NATURAL HERBAL PRODUCTS FOR PROFESSIONALS Organic Natural Skincare and Organic Herbal Remedies for Naturopathic Medicine Practitioners

CONTACT US to create your Wonderful Bespoke Natural Products for Health and Beauty.

Real Reviews from Real People

HERBAL TINCTURES - Myrrh and Blue Flag Root Herbal Tincture

I am very happy with my purchase of this ideal natural solution...

I couldn't believe it when I saw this on their website. I've tried all kinds of sunscreen ...


"Absolutely wonderful product. I've had so much trouble with my skin as it is ..."

BioPharmacy - Herbal Medicine Start now your own little Herbal Pharmacy with our products and enjoy the healing power of herbs

Protect yourself from seasonal ailments, skin issues, respiratory issues, digestive issues, stress and more and feel good with our organic plant-based health and wellness products.

Start now your own little Herbal Pharmacy with Antique Apothecary BioPharmacy Chemical-Free Herbal Products, Herbal TincturesTherapeutic Herbal Oils and Herbal Balms and Salves and enjoy the healing power of herbs.

BioSkincare - Natural Skin Care Avoid premature ageing, Rebuilt collagen, Increase hydration for Naturally Young and Radiant Skin

All Antique Apothecary BioSkincare holistic, natural skincare, Face Creams, Eye Creams and Balms, Oils and Serums aim to:

  • improve the functioning and health of the skin in a holistic way,
  • make the skin healthier and
  • arm it, so that it can prevent and fight the signs of premature ageing.

You can choose the right skincare treatment for your skin type and concern.

Antique Apothecary products are:
  • Antioxidant-Packed, 
  • Vitamin-Infused, 
  • Pollution-Blocking                           
  • Effectiveness- Bursting Natural Solutions for all the family.
Bespoke Natural Herbal Products for Professionals State-Of-The-Art Face Creams, Therapeutic Body Massage Oils, Effective Herbal Tincture and Extracts

Antique Apothecary BioPharmacy, with its exceptionally effective and 100% Natural Health Products, will help you create a unique place in the market and increase your existing sales and customers, by creating bespoke treatments for you and your clients.

Our Formulations

We research and develop state-of-the-art holistic beauty and health, natural and organic products, based on Hippocrates pioneered holistic health approach, while meeting the high-quality standards of modern times.

Our Ingredients

Our carefully selected Organic Natural Ingredients transform our powerful and effective skin care products in amazing Beauty Treatments, which release new forces and revitalise face, body and mind.

Our Commitments

We never use allergenic fragrance substances. No additives, no chemicals, no harsh preservatives, no artificial fragrances, no parabens, no EDTA, not tested on animals.

OUR VALUES Transparency - 100% Natural Efficient Innovation - Choice and Customization


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